S‚Äčcan Mine

Passionate about Preserving Photos,       8mm and Super 8 Videos

Fast and Inexpensive 

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Preserving your memories.....

one flash drive at a time.


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Our service is fast, fast, fast and curbside!  You never ship your precious memories. 

Protect your photographs, documents, recipes, certificates, letters, 8mm and Super 8videos, documents from fire, flood, disaster, and destruction by digitizing them and saving them on flash drives.  This allows you to keep your precious treasures offsite and safe.  Sharing your entire collection with other family members and friends was never easier.

Our rapid scanner is capable of scanning one photo per second.  We can scan front and back so that you don't lose the  handwritten notations on the back of a photo or the back side of a recipe card.  Never ship your precious memorabilia and pictures! 

We perform this service CURBSIDE.

What does curbside mean?

The Scan Mine Technician never enters your home. You don't need to lock up your pets or worry about cleaning or having a stranger in your home.  At the appointment time, the company van will arrive.  The van is modified with a complete office inside.  It even has its own power supply.  We make sure you know what the Technician looks like so you won't be greeted by a stranger.  There will be no surprises!  

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