How did Scan Mine get started?

I'm, Ronda Conrad, the owner-operator of Scan Mine, a retired accountant.  Although many of my friends are happy retirees, I have chosen to pursue a new passion, preserving other people's photographs. I love photographs!  Looking at them always lifts my spirits.  Family genealogy and the collecting of more than just facts, getting the stories, is so much fun.  The loss of all those treasured memories to a house fire, flood, or tornado is heart breaking.  

Think about what folks say they would grab if the house was on fire.  After the family and pets its their photos.  I began to think about that and years ago asked my daughter, to flat bed scan my photographs, I had no idea how long the project was going to take. Flatbed scanning is very time consuming.  The only other real option available was to send photos through the mail, in a box, to a company across the country and hope that they got back safe and sound.  

I begin to think about how could I help others preserve their precious memories, their legacy, their heirlooms?  Could it be done safely and cost effectively?  

The solution, is a mobile, curbside business so that your photographs never leave your driveway.  A scanner that feeds photos up to size 8X10, including polaroids, rapidly. Flash drives that can be shared easily with family members and friends or kept in a safety deposit box or somewhere else off site.

We have now added 8mm and Super 8mm digitizing to our services.

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